Information for Scholarship Candidates

Since the inception of scholarship awards in 1991 to the present time, twenty-four different students have benefited from Club generosity. This level of funding can only be possible with the continued support of Club members. Club members also assist in the recruitment of potential students and the selection of those who are awarded scholarships.

Scholarship awards are available to any local area honors student upon submission of an application to the Scholarship Chair of the Club. Applications are normally submitted in January prior to Fall admission and after the student has received notification of acceptance from OSU. Applications are screened and personal interviews are scheduled. Selections are made based on a student's class ranking, GPA, activities in high school, leadership potential and recommendations of teachers, counselors, etc. Awards may be renewed for as long as the student attends OSU. Final notification of an award is made in February and students are notified when OSU processes the information. If anyone has further interest in a scholarship, please contact the current Scholarship Committee Chair, Susan Ignelzi for forms, questions or details. She can be reached for further details at 239-300-0908 (H) or 614-404-8161 (C) or