With the largest endowment for scholarships of any other Ohio State alumni club in the United States, the Ohio State Alumni Club of Naples has long been recognized as one of the premier Alumni Clubs in the nation. Membership is open to alumni, friends and fans of The Ohio State University.


Our mission is to promote The Ohio State University among Buckeye alumni and friends in the Greater Naples, FL area by providing opportunities for social activities and networking with other Buckeyes, assisting with student recruitment, awarding honor students in Collier County with scholarships to OSU and supporting Buckeye events in the area.


The Club was organized in 1988 by a small group of dedicated OSU alumni in the Naples area.  This small group had a vision for the Club and made plans for social activities and scholarship work to extend the spirit to hundreds of the OSU family in the Greater Naples area.  From the inception of the Club, members were committed to establishing a legacy to assist local students attend OSU.  Under the leadership of several presidents, the Club has been recognized a number of times as one of the Outstanding Clubs by the Ohio State University Alumni Association.  Activities continue to be planned for social and scholarship, with this being central to the mission of the Club.  Much appreciation and  a lot of thanks go to all the past leaders for their commitment, work and legacy that makes the Club the success it is.

The Club has a legacy and history rivaled by few others.  Current members and officers are dedicated to continue and build on this legacy.  Events for socialization, networking and fund-raising are scheduled every month so Naples Buckeyes can build on relationships begun years ago as well as establish new ones.  Spend some time on the web site to get a flavor of the Club, its work, people involved and maybe how you can begin to work with us.


Past Presidents of the Ohio State of Alumni Club of Naples:

Charles Kerwood III

Bruce Mousa

Amy Lawson

Jim Smiley

Bill Lange

John D'Amelio

Gene Fraley

Linda Meyer

Barbara Stock

Jeff Petry

David Slenn


Newsletters for the Naples Buckeyes can be viewed on the link The Naples Buckeye.